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Sourcing Service

Needing multiple parts for a large project? 

Having trouble finding something?

You don't see a SKU your looking for on our website? 

With today's automation supply constraints, companies face the challenge of finding the right equipment and components to keep their operations running smoothly. This is particularly true when it comes to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), which can be difficult to find in the marketplace.

That's where our sourcing service come in, offering our experience and leverage network to help companies locate the hard-to-find PLCs they need. We work with a wide network of suppliers and distributors to locate PLCs that may be out of stock or unavailable elsewhere.

By working with our sourcing service, companies can save valuable time and resources in their search for hard-to-find PLCs, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their business.

This service is free of charge to our loyal customers!